Site Scanner

It is a worry that many of us have - what will I do if I get hacked and how do I even know if I am vulnerable? There is now no need to worry, ESDS Site Scanner will scan your site daily and notify you if there are any problems or vulnerabilities freeing up time to concentrate on what really matters.

Advanced Malware Detection

The best way to check for malware infection

Malware spreads by silently infecting websites and using them steal information while passing on the infection to your unsuspecting visitors. This can have a huge impact on your business. Our website scanner detects hidden malware infections allowing you to quickly take back control of your website.

Vulnerability Alerting

Fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited

Site scanner checks your website for known vulnerabilities from a database of over 10,000 and alerts you if any are found, allowing you to take proactive action to secure your site before it is compromised.

Website Reputation

Protecting your organisation

Many search engines, Google included, will block sites from search engine listing and will even inform visitors of malware infections. For companies whose lifeblood is search engine traffic, this can be disastrous. Our website scanner checks to ensure your site is not blacklisted and informs you if a listing is detected so you can take immediate action.

Email and SMS notifications

Keeps you informed, no matter where you are

When a vulnerability is found it is often a race against time before it is exploited by hackers. With SMS messaging, you get instant alerts whenever a scan detects a vulnerability so you can take action to ensure your site is secured.

Deep Scanning

Site scanner follows links to drill deep down into your website and check pages that would otherwise go unnoticed if they became infected with malware

Page Content Monitoring

ESDS website scanner takes a snapshot of your website content then compares it against previous scans and reports any changes. This allows you to quickly identify if the content has been maliciously inserted.

Why do I need Site Scanner?

With new threats detected every 4.2 seconds and up to 30,000 websites infected every day, it has never been more important to keep your website and data secure. Cybercriminals spread malware by exploiting flaws in your website which are then used to steal data and infect visitors. Whilst it is easy to think that this may never happen to you, 70% of attacks are on SMEs and 60% of victims go out of business within 6 months. These attacks can have a devastating impact on businesses: customers lose confidence and go elsewhere, and search engines will immediately delist your entire website, depriving you of revenues and traffic.

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